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The club: its governance

From 2015, the ownership of Dolomiti Energia Trentino is based on a particular - and in some ways innovative - model of property, which gives the club the ambition of balacing member democracy, commercial strategy, corporate social responsability and sporting performance. The ownership is in fact divided into three shares: 

- The C.A.S.T., a consortium of local entreprises, owns the 40%, as well as the supporter Trust, created two years ago to represent the fans in the property of the club, following examples of clubs like Barcelona or Bayern Munchen.

- The remaining 20% is owned by Fondazione Aquila per lo Sport Trentino, ran by former chairman Giovanni Zobele and Aquila Basket Trento’s co-founder Marco Angelini. The Foundation was born with the goal to preserve the identity of the club coherently with his values.